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Bristle rollers

Step 2. Select a frame for your bristle head
Bristle heads are available on two different quick-change frames shown below. Choose which frame style you prefer: quick-change or quick-change thin frame. Then, on the next final page, you will be able to choose which size you want.

Additional styles of rollers available with bristle fill include the Flexible rollers and the Corner rollers .

Bristle roller on quick-change frame

1/4" frame rod. Require no hardware to remove the roller head. Heads pull-off and push-on to frame rod with no tools needed.

Bristle rollers on quick-change frame

Bristle roller on quick-change thin frame

3/16" frame rod. Small thin frame detail rollers on quick-change frame. These heads can not be used on other quick-change frames. Grip is threaded.

Bristle rollers on quick-change thin frame