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Coveralls, disposable coveralls, disposable protective clothing, chemical resistant clothing, disposable garments, personal protective clothing.

Coveralls are available in these different fabrics. Pricing shown below is for medium to extra large size coveralls with a zipper front and collar. Other sizes and styles of coveralls with elastic wrists and ankles, and with attached hoods are shown on the page links under each different fabric material. See the bottom of this page for other brands of these types of fabric materials.

Other protective clothing is shown on our Aprons , Shirts, pants , Shop coats , Sleeves, shoe covers , and Sweatbands, hoods pages.

WARNING: There are environments and uses for which these fabrics are unsuitable. It is the responsibility of the user to review available data to verify that the garment is appropriate for the intended use and meets all government and industry standards. Avoid open flame or intense heat. Technical data is available to assist those qualified in determining the general suitability of these fabrics to your application.

SMS PosiWear M3 - Coveralls

SMS PosiWear M3

Proprietary SMMMS technology. 5 layers of protection providing a high level of breathability and protection against non-hazardous dry particulates and also water based light liquid sprays and splashes. This proprietary fabric uses the latest SMMMS technology–3 layers of filtering meltblown between strength providing spunbound polypropylene. See all the sizes and styles on the SMS PosiWear M3 coveralls page.

Microporous PosiWear BA - Coveralls

Microporous PosiWear BA

Breathable Advantage for ideal balance between protection and comfort with microporous material that resists small dry particulates and liquid spray. Provides a high level of protection against non-hazardous dry particulates, light sprays and liquid splash. Passes US and European standards for liquid barrier and bloodborne pathogens. See all the sizes and styles on the Microporous PosiWear BA coveralls page.

PosiWear® UB - Coveralls

PosiWear® UB

Ultimate Barrier is a proprietary technology creating a two layer composite of resistant and durable polypropylene fabric and polyethylene film. Elastic waistband for improved fit. High level barrier protection against dry particulates and liquid splash including viral and blood borne pathogens, as well as, non-hazardous chemicals. Passes US and European standards for liquid barrier, blood, and viral penetration. Passes ASTM F903 procedure C for many chemicals, including acetone. Data sheets available upon request. See all the sizes and styles on the PosiWear UB coveralls page.

DuPont Tyvek® 400 (formerly Tyvek) - Coveralls

DuPont Tyvek® 400 (formerly Tyvek)

Made only by DuPont. 100% high-density polyethylene fibers entangled into protective material with no fillers or thin films to wear away. Breathable protection against hazardous dry particles, aerosols and non-hazardous light liquid splash. Excellent abrasion resistance; protects against small-sized hazardous particles. See all the sizes and styles on the Tyvek 400 coveralls page.

Tychem® 2000 (formerly Tychem QC) - Coveralls

Tychem® 2000 (formerly Tychem QC)

This is a polyethylene-coated Tyvek fabric. Lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Protects against light liquid splash with at least 30 minutes of protection against more than 40 chemical challenges. DuPont has data for over 80 chemicals for Tychem 2000 in SafeSPEC™ 2.0 so that the user can select an appropriate garment. Compliant with Berry Amendment. See all the sizes and styles on the Tychem 2000 coveralls page.

Other fabrics that are not shown in our online catalog include:

Proprietary fabrics

• DuPont Tychem CPF3, Tychem SL, and seven other Tychem products for additional levels of protection in hazardous conditions.
• DuPont's Tyvek Dual, Tyvek Expert, and other Tyvek products for additional protection.
• West Chester's PosiWear FR.
• Other fabrics from Lakeland Industries, Kimberly Clark, 3M, and MPE.
• These garments are available with multiple seam options that provide additional barrier protection. Seam options include serged seams, bound taped seams, double taped seams, etc.

Microporous films

This material is sometimes called Microporous film laminate. Other companies may use different names for their own type of this microporous film material:
• Lakeland Industries' MicroMax, MicroMax NS, MicroMax HBF, and MicroMax 3P.
• Kimberly Clark's KleenGuard 60 (formerly KleenGuard Ultra), KleenGuard A40 (formerly KleenGuard XP), KleenGuard A45, and KleenGuard A35.
• 3M's 4510, 4535, and 4540.
• DuPont's ProShield 60 (formerly NexGen).
• MPE's MaxShield.

SMS fabrics

SMS material is also called Spunbonded Meltblown Spunbonded. Other companies may use different names for their own type of this SMS material:
• Lakeland Industries' SafeGard SMS, SafeGard Economy SMS.
• Kimberly Clark's KleenGuard 30 (formerly KleenGuard Extra), KleenGuardA20 (formerly KleenGuard Select).
• 3M's 4515, and 4520.
• DuPont's ProShield 10 (formerly ProShield Basic).
• MPE's Koolguard.