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Non-woven hand pads

Non-woven hand pads, scouring pads, abrasive pads, abrasive sponge.

WARNING: Proposition 65 Label for all pads shown below.

Non-woven pads - Non-woven hand pads

Non-woven pads

Non-woven material bonded with abrasive grain. Used for general clean-up, finishing, and a replacement for steel wool. Excellent for deburring, blending, and polishing. 6" x 9" pad size. The green and maroon pads are bonded with aluminum oxide. The gray pad is bonded with silicon carbide. Comparable to these 3M products: green=3M #96, maroon=3M #7447, gray=3M #7448. Sold by the pack, 10/pack.

6 pack
12 pack
F4323Green, coarseindustrial scouringAdd to cart | Add to list
F4325Maroon, finegeneral purposeAdd to cart | Add to list
F4329Gray, ultra fineultra fine finishingAdd to cart | Add to list