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Other bandsaw blades

We carry three general types o bandsaw blades:

1. Carbon steel blades described below; these are the least expensive blades.

2. RemGrit® Carbide grit bandsaw blades for longer cutting life on hard, abrasive materials such as fiberglass.

3. Bi-metal blades for production cutting a wide range of steels.

Carbon steel bandsaw blades

We can match the specs of a blade you use now, or we can recommend a blade, based on your description of the materials being cut, the machine you use, and your production rate. Use our Bandsaw selection guide if you want us to recommend a blade.

If you like the blade you use now, and want us to quote those specs, please provide the following minimum information:

• length (250 foot coils, 100 foot coils, or welded to length bands)

• width of blade

• number of teeth per inch

• flexback or hardback blade

Flexible back carbon blades for light duty machines with occasional use on wood, plastic, fiberglass, graphite, non-ferrous metals, and mild steels. Flexback blades are about 10–12% less expensive than hardback blades.

Hard back carbon blades for light to medium production on small to mid size machines. Added rigidity in back of blade gives longer blade life over flexback. More support than flex back blades for straighter, faster cuts. Maximum operating speed should not exceed 4,000 SFPM.

After we know the width and number of teeth, we can tell you which of the following tooth types are available. Tooth type does not affect price.

RR – regular tooth, raker set – ideal for a wide range of general purpose cutting applications.

HR – hook tooth, raker set – fast cutting with less feed pressure, and good surface finish on non-metals. Rounded gullets allow for fast chip removal, and is generally used for cutting non-metalics and non-ferrous metals.

SR – skip tooth, raker set – for cutting large sections of soft non-ferrous metals and non metals, such as wood composition materials, and plastic.

RW – regular tooth, wavy set – used for cutting light metal sections, such as sheet, tubing, and small solid shapes.

Bi-metal bandsaw blades

Because of the many different types of industrial bi-metal blades, please our Bandsaw selection guide if you want us to recommend a blade, or quote a blade comparable to the one you are using.