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Backing pads

Backing pads, back-up pads, disc pads, disc pad holders, quick change pads, hand-held pads, PSA pads, hook and loop pads, Spiralcool pads, plastic pads, phenolic pads.

Backing pads used with Discs , Belts, rolls and Cut sheets for general surface preparation, grinding, shaping and cutting.

Pads for quick-change discs - Backing pads

Pads for quick-change discs

These rubber backing pads with 1/4" steel shanks attach to quick-change and surface conditioning discs. Available with Type R or Type S attachments and used in deburring, surface preparation and as a final finishing step.

2" and 3" quick-change pads

Pads for PSA and hook and loop discs - Backing pads

Pads for PSA and hook and loop discs

Foam backing pads in two thicknesses fit all sizes of our PSA and hook and loop discs. Available with vacuum holes for use with random orbital or low speed DA sanders. Also available with a channel or recess for disc application without aligning holes.

PSA pads or Hook and loop pads

Pads for resin fiber and semiflex discs - Backing pads

Pads for resin fiber and semiflex discs

Heavy duty backing pads for use with our resin fiber discs with 7/8" center holes. These backing pads are intended to fit tools with one of three different spindle sizes: 5/8"-11, 3/8"-24 or 7/16"-20.

Spiralcool pads or Phenolic, plastic pads

Hand-held pads - Backing pads

Hand-held pads

Hand-held pads and file boards fit our abrasive belts, rolls, cut sheets and some PSA or hook and loop discs. Used for hand sanding and small area touch-ups.

Hand-held pads