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Discs, abrasive discs, hook and loop discs, PSA discs, quick-change discs, resin fiber discs, semi-fled discs, surface conditioning discs diamond coated discs, carbide grit discs, flap discs.

Abrasive discs used for general surface preparation, grinding, shaping and cutting.

PSA discs

PSA discs

PSA discs are pressure sensitive adhesive discs are available with durable aluminum oxide bonded to a cloth, paper or tear-resistant film backing. For use on ferrous and non-ferrous metal sanding as well as wood, plastic, and composites. 3" to 8" diameter with 24 to 2000 grit.

Choose Gold paper PSA discs , Red paper PSA discs , Film PSA discs , or Cloth PSA discs .

Hook and loop discs

Hook and loop discs

Hook and loop discs are available with the finest quality aluminum oxide bonded to paper or tear-resistant film backing. Designed for sanding wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paint, fiberglass, and plastic. 3" to 8" diameter with 80-2000 grit.

Choose Gold paper hook and loop discs , Red paper hook and loop discs , or Film hook and loop discs .

Quick change discs

Quick change discs

Quick-change discs are available with either aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina or silicon carbide abrasive grit on a resin fiber backing. Surface conditioning discs have a similar type of material to Scotch-Brite™ or Fibrex discs. Available with Type R or Type S attachments and are used frequently used in deburring, surface preparation and as a final finishing step. 2" and 3" diameter with 24 to 320 grit.

Choose Resin fiber quick-change discs, type R , Resin fiber quick-change discs, type S or Surface conditioning discs .

Discs with center holes - Discs

Discs with center holes

Heavy-duty sanding discs are available in a variety of materials including aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia alumina, carbide grit or diamond. Camel and ZEC discs are also included. These heavier duty discs can be used for non-ferrous materials such as fiberglass, marble, enamels, porcelain, China clay, and for removing epoxy, glue or urethane. 4" to 7" diameter with a wide range of grit options.

Choose Resin fiber discs , Semi-flex discs , or Carbide and diamond discs .

Flap discs for FRP work - Discs

Flap discs for FRP work

Replace 36-80 grit sanding discs and last 10-15 times longer than resin fiber discs. These mesh flap discs don't load like cloth discs and offer one-step FRP grinding and finishing. Stock removal capabilities of depressed center wheel with the surface finishing characteristics of a 36-80 grit resin fiber disc. No other abrasive can match the speed and stability of removal while keeping the temperature of the work surface low.

Flap discs