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Saws, trimmers

Saws trimmers, cut-off tools, reciprocating saws.

Saws, trimmers, and cut-off tools used in FRP shops and jobsites for a wide range of cutting requirements.

Saws that use 3 inch  diameter or smaller blades - Saws, trimmers

Saws that use 3" diameter or smaller blades

Both of the following styles use 3" diameter or smaller circular saw blades.

Trimmers cutting blade is inline with body of tool.

Cut-off tools cutting blade is perpendicular to body of tool.

Saws that use 4 inch -10 inch  diameter blades - Saws, trimmers

Saws that use 4"-10" diameter blades

These saws all use circular saw blades from 4" to 10" in diameter.

Saws that use 4"-10" diameter blades

Reciprocating saws - Saws, trimmers

Reciprocating saws

For use with blades with either a 1/2" wide shank or a 3/4" wide shank.

Reciprocating saws