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Layup and paint brushes

Layup brushes, paint brushes, chip brushes, laminating brushes, white bristle brushes, disposable throw-away brushes.

The two categories listed below include inexpensive throw-aways, and more expensive paint brushes for better finish work. Both styles are used for coatings and application work.

See our Misc. brushes page for additional styles and shapes of brushes used to apply resins and other coatings.

Layup, chip brushes - Layup and paint brushes

Layup, chip brushes

Least expensive white bristle brushes, with wood or plastic handles. Used as a throw-away brush or when a fine finish is not required.

Layup, chip brushes

Paint brushes - Layup and paint brushes

Paint brushes

Available in white, gray, and black bristle, or a polyester fill. The chisel trimmed edge on most of these brushes provides a better finish. These are sometimes called tapered end or beveled end brushes.

Paint brushes