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Preval sprayer

Preval spraymakers, Prevals, paint system, aerosol spray system, paint touch-up sprayer.

This is a precise spray tool, meant to be used for a professional finish with many types of liquids. Sprays up to 16 ounces of liquid, depending upon viscosity. Can spray using multiple jar attachments. Change from one to another product in minutes. Cleans easily with short bursts of a suitable solvent. The nozzle, dip tube, and strainer are instantly purged. Made from 100% glass and aluminum, Preval parts are recyclable when clean. No compressors, hoses or power cords. Please see the Preval manual PDF for further details.

Spray guns and touch-up guns are available on the Gel coat guns page.

Preval spraymakers - Preval sprayer

Preval spraymakers

All the convenience of a push button spray with the versatility of a refillable container. Clean, uniform spray patterns. Just pour product into glass jar, slide dip tube onto power unit, and screw power unit onto jar. Built-in strainer on the dip tube helps to screen out solid particles. This strainer can be removed from dip tube, for spraying any thick paints or coatings. Firm grip and accurate handling for long periods without fatigue. Used to spray epoxy coatings, gel coat, PVA mold release agents, solvents, and enamels.

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